A Cloud-based technology platform for the optimisation of Patient Transport Services… Manages flow in, out, around and through the healthcare system.

Helps Healthcare System Procurement (Directors and Managers)…
Who want to achieve significant & sustainable improvements in attaining efficiency savings and patient outcomes…
By providing a plug and play software solution that significantly reduces cost, improves patient experience and safety.


Transform services and delivery sustainable benefits

Manage a team to deliver a professional customer focused service

Achieve significant and sustainable improvements in outcomes – EFFICIENCY and SAVINGS

Safeguarding and compliance

Delivery value for money

Delivery quality improvement


Reducing the time patients wait for crews / crews wait for patients (significant cost)

Blocked beds and discharge lounges resulting in delayed and cancelled procedures (significant cost)

Elevated patient risk (physical & metal health)

Reduced patient flow – extended waiting times, blocked beds, cancelled procedures, non-provision of care

Not meeting KPI’s


Control RM Booking Service Inc Dynamic Risk Assessment. Progress info in patient app – Provides JIT transport. Provides info to patients

Resource and Skill register and Passenger screening

Fleet Management – Transparent Nav system, Load Optimization, Control RM booking Service

Inventory Management / Performance Management


Improved/Excellence in patient experience

Improved Patient flow – Transforms services and provides sustainable benefits

An end to the rising tide of financial wastage and rising costs

Clear Audit trail, quality, regulatory compliance and matching the provision of appropriate services

Cloud infrastructure that removes costs from 3rd party providers

Easy to use system – Plug and Play – Stand alone or use with existing systems

Purchase Options

Depending on the organisation type, size and environment, there are 3 purchasing options available as individual or combined packages – These can be tailored to meet user need.

Pay per use model


A fixed short term , annual or perpetual licence fee


A fee based on cost(or equivalent) of service.