Patient & Service User Flow System (P-SuFs)

A Cloud-based technology platform for the optimisation of Patient Transport Services… Manages flow in, out, around and through the healthcare system.

Helps Healthcare System Procurement (Directors and Managers)…

Who want to achieve significant & sustainable improvements in attaining efficiency savings and patient outcomes…
By providing a plug and play software solution that significantly reduces cost, improves patient experience and safety.


Quality Management Systems
Information Security Management Systems

What We Do


Whatever your product or service, public or private sector, manufacturing, health and social care, medical, financial, logistics or transportation, we will evaluate all the systems and processes involved to ensure they are not only fit for purpose, but that they meet all industry/sector regulatory and mandatory obligations. Only then, and with comprehensive insight, will we establish what is industry standard and best practice.


Once the evaluation process has been completed and reviewed, we will devise and plan technologically efficient and cost-effective systems, policies, processes and procedures that minimise wastage, reduce unnecessary costs and overheads and ensure your product/service is industry standard.


Following the recommendation and the planning stage, this is the execution of the plan.
Usually utilising a technology platform that is scalable and future proof, we enter the testing stage and monitor the systems, policies, processes and procedures to ensure they are not only meeting all mandatory and regulatory obligations but providing a pleasurable user experience that demonstrate the expected efficiencies, prior to final integration and going live.


Ensuring all systems, processes, policies and procedures are integrated, brings increased efficiencies, improved workflow, greater productivity, a reduction in costs and the best chance of meeting the objectives on time, every time…
Once the testing stage has been completed, we integrate the technology with your product/service.

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