Benefit From the Next Generation
of Medical Transportation

Medical Transportation Management Platform

Trusted Solutions Group (TSG) offers a cloud-based medical transportation management platform that rapidly connects hundreds to millions of medical transportation stakeholders on a predictive, just-in-time, and live basis.

  • We solve the most vexing human logistics challenges facing medical transportation decision-makers and those they serve in the healthcare, social-services, and home- and community-based services (HCBS) sectors—combining a state-of-the-art vendor management system with a Patient-and-Service-User Flow System™ (PSUFS™) to create a Connected Mobility Community™ (CoMoCo™).
  • Our Endeavour™ platform enables safe, simple, speedy, smooth, and sustainability-promoting coordination of pickups, transit, and drop-offs across trip-appropriate medical transportation vendors, procurement professionals, and end-users.
  • Behind the scenes, Endeavour™ offers medical transportation management leaders, managers, and professionals with an unparalleled case management capability, digital-analytics dashboard, and data-science backend—enabling AI-powered analytics, reporting, and continuous improvement to boost top-line, bottom-line, and competitive performance for platform-supported enterprises.

Interoperability, Efficiency, and Patient Safety

In the U.S., medical transportation systems tend to be fragmented, inefficient, and clinically compromising.

  • This creates risks not only for patients but also for the individuals, organizations, and communities that serve them.
  • It also inhibits progress on fundable community care initiatives ranging from catastrophe preparedness and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs to autonomous transportation and Smart-City projects.

Trusted Solutions Group offers a fully integrated software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that eliminates fragmentation, inefficiencies, and excessive risks in today’s medical transportation management systems—boosting client revenue, operating efficiencies, and earnings growth.

  • TSG applies unparalleled, cutting-edge, smart-mobility technology to turn emergency, nonemergency, and predictive medical transportation management; asset inventorying and pooling; and leveraging systems into institutional assets.
  • Our comprehensive, interoperative, and smart-tech medical transportation management solutions overcome the limitations of lesser systems.

We fix systems that

  • lack end-to-end capabilities within a specific facility, across sites of service, and across service categories (e.g., emergency, nonemergency, predictive, healthcare, social services, home- and community-based services [HCBS]);
  • may not be fully integrated with electronic health records (EHRs), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and related health information technology (HIT) systems (such as computer-aided dispatch [CAD] systems); and
  • may inconvenience, infuriate, or injure patients; frustrate healthcare and transportation leaders, managers, and professionals; and inhibit access, quality, and cost-containment.

Endeavour™ to Create Connected Mobility Communities

We built Endeavour™ so it creates Connected Mobility Communities (CoMoCos™) out of the box, inclusive of Patient and Service-User Flow Systems (PSUFS).

Running on outdated systems and processes, medical transportation service providers—and the healthcare, social-service, and home- and community-based services (HCBS) customers who depend on them—may fail to meet legal, regulatory, and safety requirements.

  • Patients may fall, suffer injuries, or miss appointments.
  • Vehicles may lack assistive technologies, be unfit for purpose, or create negligence-related liabilities.
  • Transportation personnel may be insufficiently trained, may be operating out of scope of practice, or may lack background checks.
  • Booking systems may lack essential data fields and quality checks, offer subpar scheduling functions and tracking systems, or be missing critical analytical and reporting capabilities.
  • Procurement systems may include only a fraction of the medical transportation assets in a region; lack detail on vendor credentials, capabilities, and contracts; or fail to auto-check qualifications, pricing, and availability.

The resulting safety, insurance, and litigation risks create unacceptable clinical, financial, and administrative burdens across stakeholders.

By creating Connected Mobility Communities (CoMoCos™) using on-premises, cloud-based, and hybrid medical transportation management platforms; TSG helps clients and their vendors

  • transcend costly patient transportation challenges;
  • mitigate legal, regulatory, and safety risks associated with medical transportation mishaps, missed appointments, and compromised treatment pathways; and
  • improve transportation-dependent clinical, financial, and administrative results.

We serve key transportation-dependent industries, enterprises, and roles.