About Us

Value Proposition

The Endeavour™ platform by Trusted Solutions Group offers more than a 3-to-1 return on investment (ROI) within 12 months and may be funded in three ways:

  • Pay per Use
  • Seat Licenses
  • Gain Sharing

Mission Statement

  • Trusted Solutions Group (TSG) designs, develops, and deploys multi-party medical transportation management systems.
  • Our Endeavour™ medical transportation platform enables pioneering individuals, organizations, and communities to offer world-class medical transportation to their constituents.
  • We help medical transportation pioneers better serve their communities while boosting their own transportation-dependent clinical, financial, and administrative performance.

Vision Statement

  • We are the new gold standard for emergency medical transportation, nonemergency medical transportation, and predictive medical transportation systems in the U.S. and abroad.


  • Our Endeavour™ platform boosts institutional revenue per patient; reduces litigation, regulatory, and safety risks; and improves transportation-compliance audit-readiness.


  • We help clients design state-of-the-art medical transportation dashboards, scorecards, and management reporting systems aligned with key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • We consolidate medical transportation data and run initial medical transportation analytics to quantify the effects of subpar medical transportation systems on institutional revenue, operating efficiencies, and earnings growth.
  • We recommend fixes on a macro-level and micro-level; identify key medical transportation stakeholders; and train these stakeholders in 21st Century medical transportation management concepts, commercialization models, and compliance programs.
  • We build the business case for medical transportation transformations—and secure C-Suite buy-in to enable funding.
  • We work with transportation-focused teams to design, develop, and deploy next-generation medical transportation management systems.
  • We then guarantee on-time pickups, user-appropriate transportation personnel, user-appropriate vehicles, credential-appropriate vendors, and compliant transportation; route-optimized transport; on-time and site-appropriate drop-offs; reductions in missed clinical encounters; and reductions in transportation-related billing losses.